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my deuce project experience

Well, I did end up going to the Tatu concert.
Except for one thing...
Tatu wasn't there. Seventeen made a mistake--they are in Utah at the moment.
It was a fashion show by Seventeen, and we thought that Tatu was supposed to be there, but the mag accidentally put the little asterisk thing next to the wrong date.
But, other than that, I actually had a great time.
They gave everyone a gift bag full of a whole bunch of stuff, including the April edition of Seventeen, the one with Kate Hudson on the front. (:D) when my mom went to the desk to ask about Tatu, apparently the lady said that we weren't the first who had asked about it, and she apologized and said that we would get to go to the front of the line when the band that did perform was signing autographs. A band called the Deuce Project. I had never heard of them but decided to get an autograph anyway. When the fashion show was over, we went over to where they were signing autographs, and a lady said to the people in line "Excuse me, they can go to the front, VIPs" and I was like "sweeeet, we're VIPs!" lol. So we got there and there were two guys. I swear, pictures don't fo them justice at all. They had a whole bunch of autographs signed in advance (they were handsigned though) but they were personalizing them. So when I got up there, I didn't really know what to do, but then finally one of the members -- the one that doesn't have dark hair -- said hi to me, and asked me what my name is. I told him, and he wrote "To Laura" at the top, and then a little heart. aww!
Now my autograph collection consists of Angela Cartwright (Brigitta from the Sound of Music), Alexei Yagudin, Elena and Anton, and now Noah and Josh! But these were the first I've gotten in person!:DDDDD
I had no idea what they sounded like because we missed their performance, but now I'm downloading their songs and they're cool! weeee!
So today actually turned out great. I still feel pretty sick, but really, today was good.
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